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Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Quick Facts

about Sianni Cabello

Founder of SocialSocietyU

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

School: Hampton University & Columbia University

Hobbies: Gardening, Writing, Exploring Cities, Developing Start Up Businesses

Favorite TV Show: Anne with an E

Favorite Book: The Bible

Favorite Quote: “God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of spiritual gifts. Use them well to serve one another.”

After seeing the need for barriers to be broken in the lives of so many youth, Sianni set out to understand how she could impact and positively change how the inequalities of the United States educational system were set up. She then grew to have an invested interest in education policy and devoted herself to working with politicians on Capitol Hill like democratic Vice President Nominee Senator Tim Kaine.

Since then Sianni has launched SocialSocietyU, Inc. – where she helps first-generation high school and college students prepare themselves for their next steps through workshops, College Prep Symposiums (The Gathering), and by interviewing celebrities to capture their success stories. Her events have been featured across New York City on and has gathered support from BET, NBA, America’s Next Top Model contestants & more. Sianni has also reached over 2000+ youth across world. To add on to the success of her organization Sianni has also just obtained her Master’s Degree at Columbia University in Nonprofit Management with a concentration in Policy & Marketing. During the day Sianni works with the US Department of State within the Office of Overseas Building & Operations. With Galatians 6:9 is her guiding light Sianni is actively learning how to enhance her initiatives and developing herself to be an impactful educational leader.

SocialSocietyU, Inc. is a hub of college prep resources. That engage and motivate high school students towards finding their purposes. We do what we do through faith, entertainment, college prep workshops, and by providing a taste of college culture. Every year we have our semi-annual event “The Gathering” which is what I like to call a college prep party and symposium. We have a live DJ, college students, universities, vendors, a celebrity panel, and college prep workshops all present to inspire our youth. Some of our past celebrities have included individuals from the NBA, BET, iHeartRadio, Wild n’ Out, & more.

​With faith at our foundation, it’s our mission to help students find their pathways into college or into career paths their heart may desire. We want to build students holistically; I think this is one thing that separates us from other college prep organizations. Plus, we have fun, we like for our students to see themselves in our programs and events. We believe that motivation starts within & kids at times need a little fun to work towards the bigger picture.

Our Mission: We are a lifestyle org for high school students – promoting college and career prep, faith, & the college experience through seminars , events, and industry interviews.

Our Vision: To decrease youth incarceration though education.


Instagram: @socialsocietyu

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